Welcome to my Machinima collection!

On this blog you'll be able to follow my hobby of recreating WWII-style gun camera recordings using the IL2 Flight simulator series.

16 May 2011

IL2: Cliffs of Dover

Just got this new sim and exploring the track system.

Hopefully will make some new movies once I get some FPS and graphics glitches sorted.

04 May 2008

If anyone is interested...

Reel life has caused a slight cessation in content creation but I hope to add a few more videos in the coming days.

Starting with some good footage of an I-156 taking down a Ki-27, old skool!

17 February 2008

III/JG11 Goggo tackles a P47D

An object lesson in the resilience of the "Jug" as it absorbes multiple 30mm, 20mm and 13mm rounds. 

In the end its the pilot who ends the fight, the jug spirialing serenly to earth.

III/JG11_Bear dissects a P38L

Great footage as Bear, flying the floatplane A6M2N Zero, rips the port engine from its mount and silences the starboard engine in the same burst.

Further complicating the scene was the heavy flak had both Bear and his prey dialed in pretty good!

Corsair shootdown by N1K2-Ja George

Online guncam footage (explains wonky tracer tracking) from the Zeke v Wildcat Server.

Surprisingly for that server I was not bounced on my way up to 3000m or on my way down to a large conga-line dogfight on the deck! The result was a quick two kills and back to Iwo Jima for Sake and medals.

III/JG11 Goggo bags two Spits in the one hop

Who needs turning circle when you've got a 30mm cannon and a great eye for a deflection shot?

Nice one Goggo!